End-to-End Reel Solutions

Simplify your operations with one provider that can handle all your needs. From nationwide reel supply and retrieval to new and custom reels, recycled reels, and on-site services, let us be your one-stop shop.

End-to-End & Reel Solutions

Reel-Logix Solutions offers end-to-end solutions and logistics for both domestic manufactured reels, imported steel, and nailed wood reels. Our logistics solutions are tailored for your business and are effectively designed thanks to years of experience in integrated logistics, making Reel-Logix the ideal partner for the management of your reel and spool supply chain. Designed by industry professionals to manage a dynamic reel inventory anywhere in the world with real-time tracking, status updates, and more. Our outsourcing solutions will enable you to focus on your core business. Leave your logistics management to us!

Reel Sort and Repair

We pride ourselves in the timely delivery of quality Reels through fine-tuned product manufacturing and transportation nationwide. As part of our total Reel management programs, Reel-Logix Solutions offers Reel sorting and repair services designed to meet your specific needs. Sort and Repair services can be performed on or off-site. We typically implement these services in combination with a reel removal/purchase program or an onsite program within high volume warehousing.

Total Reel Management

Effective reel management can achieve significant results for businesses. Nevertheless, many clients cannot allocate the time and personnel necessary for this important operations facet. Reel-Logix has a proven track record in the implementation of total reel management programs designed to maximize the value of your reel assets.

From site visits to reel design specifications, our team will evaluate your current processes, determine and prioritize specific opportunities for improvement, and provide you with a detailed proposal for the implementation of a customized program that addresses your needs. We pride ourselves in the timely delivery of quality reels through fine-tuned product manufacturing and transportation nationwide.

Key Benefits

  • Reel Inventory Management
  • Domestic and Import Reel Sourcing Programs
  • Reel Supply and Retrieval
  • Reel Vendor Consolidation
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Off Location Sort and Repair
  • Complete Reel Usage Audit
  • Reel Engineering and Consulting
  • Rental Reel Management
  • GPS Load Tracking

Reel Load and Spec Consulting

We offer extensive reel redesign expertise. Real-Logix’s team can troubleshoot packaging performance problems and recommend design improvements that eliminate product damage. Our design and use analysis ensure that you’re getting superior performance at the best possible price.

With our unit load consulting service, we can effectively design or redesign your Reel to maximize its effectiveness by using the principles of systems-based design.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Warehouse Safety
  • Reduced Product Damage
  • Lower Packaging Costs
  • Increased Unit Load Handling Speed
  • Improved Storage & Shipping Space Efficiency
  • More Efficient Use of Natural Resources

Benefits of a Reel Audit

We offer an in-depth and comprehensive review that will map out the journey of your product and subsequently the Reel. Reel-Logix Solutions can manage the entire reel supply chain for both domestic inter-branch reel transfers and complete overseas shipping and customs port clearance for import K.D. reel kit container movements. Reel-Logix will work in accordance with logistics directions and models implemented by customers.

Key Benefits

  • Operative management of reel supply chain for both domestic and overseas import container movements (will work according, to logistics models implemented by customers)
  • Eliminate unsafe handling practices
  • Reduce damaged goods
  • Reduce reel SKUs
  • Overall decrease in costs
  • Primary transport from points of origin to distribution warehouses
  • Secondary transport for branch locations
  • Reverse logistics and reel recycling programs


Reel-Logix is a renowned reel manufacturing company located in Houston and is ready for your reel requirement or reel recycling program.