Recycled Wood Reels

Reel-Logix’s recycled wood reels are utilized for an extensive variety of cable and wire applications.

For manufacturers who want to improve quality, protect their wire and cable, and create value for their customers, Reel-Logix Solutions “Reel-Cycle” ® reels are best all around. They are also best for cable and utility companies that want to promote a greener image and save money in landfill disposal costs. In the end, it’s also better for the environment, saving thousands of trees each year.

Reel-Logix “reel-cycle” recycled wood or steel reels program nailed wood reels are intended for returnable or non-returnable packaging for wire, cable, and rope products. Flange thickness, Drum thickness, arbor hole, cable slot (start hole), and drive pinhole can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. At Reel Logix Solutions, we are not only committed to our customers and communities, but also our environment. Many recycled reel users elect to attach a special logo to highlight the fact that the reel is recycled and that their company is concerned and doing its part in conserving our natural resources.

Recycled Wood Reels Advantages:

  • Recycled reels can be purchased at a reduced cost compared to new reels
  • Using less raw materials
  • Creates an Eco-friendly process
  • Potentially reduced shipping costs & disposal costs
  • Less waste goes into landfills

Seven Steps to Like-new Condition

We know wire and cable manufacturers count on Reel-Logix’s quality to help protect their products. So we employ a rigorous seven-step process to make sure every recycled and refurbished reel is literally best all-around—from barrel integrity and tight hardware to cable-bearing surfaces. With such attention to detail and quality, our cost-effective reels can often be recycled three or more times.

  1. Clean and strip the old reel
  2. Tighten or replace hardware as needed
  3. Fill all voids and replace missing or damaged drum staves to ensure like-new material integrity
  4. Reset and countersink any high nails
  5. Sand smooth all cable-bearing surfaces
  6. Spray coat to customer specifications using our environmentally friendly, water-based coating
  7. Conduct final inspection for total quality assurance


Reel-Logix is a renowned reel manufacturing company located in Houston and is ready for your reel requirement or reel recycling program.