Import Reel Management Services

Reel-Logix Solutions offers unparalleled hassle free “turn-key” importing programs for both Wood Reel and Steel Reel.

Import‌ ‌Reel‌ ‌Management‌ ‌Services

Reel-Logix Solutions import wood and steel reel management allows for the acquisition of the best available wooden and steel reels at the best possible prices. The supported coordination of off-shore suppliers and business resources, with Reel-Logix supply import management programs and outsourcing can provide hassle-free wooden and steel reels purchasing, handling, storing and shipping of a nearly endless supply of reel products. In addition, wood and steel reel management outsourcing helps to minimize overall costs, while effectively meeting wire and cable customer demands, operating, and maintaining a steady wooden and steel reels supply chain.

Knocked down “K.D” Wood Reel Kits


  • Assemble your wood reel kit when ready to use
  • Kits occupy less storage space than assembled reel
  • Less forklift movement
  • Easy inventory control
  • Significant reduction on logistics costs
  • Easy assembly of all reel sizes

Intelligent Supply Chain Reel Management

At Reel-Logix Solutions we have the proven capabilities to meet our wire and cable customer’s supply chain reel management needs. We have the international offshore connections to meet your demands while reducing contract and manufacturing reel costs. All of this is done while providing you with complete transparency of the operations and management outsourcing process. We provide a way to acquire continuous synchronization between product demand and order fulfillment, utilizing the best logistical cutting-edge technologies.

The benefits of Effective Supply Chain Management – Cable Reels

There are many advantages to partnering up with a proven supply chain reel management company like Reel-Logix Solutions. We can provide your company with the cost savings, and a reel supply chain to thrive for years to come. Some of the main benefits associated with Reel-Logix Solutions supply chain reel management include:

  • Minimized Costs – At Reel-Logix Solutions we have the expertise, knowledge, and connections to reduce your overall reel packaging expenses. We have the logistical connections with other resource providers to develop the most cost-effective plan for you. This includes obtaining the best wood and steel reel pricing, optimized transportation, and increased reel inventory management.
  • Increased Ability to Meet Customer Demands – A lack of available resources makes it difficult to meet all customer demands, which can create a struggle for building your company’s brand and reputation.
  • Improved Flexibility – When you choose to work with Reel-Logix Solutions you will acquire a team of reel and logistic professionals with extensive resources and contacts. This means that your company will have the confidence to insure a global wooden and steel reel supply.
  • Increased Business Focus – When your supply chain management is handled by Reel-Logix, it will allow you to focus on other areas of your business that may have been neglected. Some of these areas include: improving your customer relations, marketing, increasing your customer base, developing new ideas and more. This new allocation of time to other areas of your business could lead to an overall increase of production and improved success for your business.

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