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Reel-Logix Solutions Brings Together Three Fundamental Elements That Make Reel Products And Services Indispensable In The Reel Supply Chain To An Electrical Or Wire And Cable Distributor.

Reel-Logix Solutions Brings Together Three Fundamental Elements That Make Reel Products And Services Indispensable In The Reel Supply Chain to Wire and Cable Manufacturer and Distributor.

First, We Have The Best Elements Of A Manufacturer.

We are highly trained reel and spool manufacturing experts; we oversee our own production and facilities; we can engineer custom cost-savings solutions; we have in-house logistics, warehousing, and quality team. Reel-Logix Solutions. does own manufacturing machines and needed assets; however, we also contract out manufacturing as needed to the best national or international manufacturer best suited to the project and geographic area. We also manage importing programs of manufactured reel components from Brazil, Mexico, Canada and India as currency exchange rates and lumber prices allow. This means that Reel-Logix Solutions does not get completely bogged down with keeping a specific plant, or machinery busy or with force-fitting customers into reels sizes that are currently available. As a result, Reel-Logix Solutions. effectively has unlimited capacity and is not handcuffed to specific technology, equipment, machines, or tools.

Second, We Perform Distribution And Logistics Services.

We have warehouses; we manage inventory; we handle inbound and outbound logistics; we deliver when you need it. Reel-Logix’s goes beyond the traditional manufacturer or distributor model with superior inventory acumen and proven operational and logistical excellence. Reel-Logix Solutions seeks to lower total system costs by consolidating inventory across the entire supply chain, including taking inventory off the customers’ floors. Reel-Logix’s has a core competence in inventory management that can help customers control inventory levels and expenses and can deliver to customers on a just-in-time basis. Reel-Logix Solutions can also provide data to prove their operational and cost-saving track record.

Third, We Provide Extra Services After The Sale And Value-Added Offerings.

We consider ways to improve our customers’ revenues, lower our customers’ costs, such as “cost- avoidance” reel recycling and disposal services when needed. Every sector whether lower cost reel purchasing, end of year, quarterly, inventory movements or just general warehousing, along with reel recycling and disposal. Depending on the focused area, each will have a different set of opportunities and cost-saving solutions that Reel-Logix Solutions can and will be eager to embrace. Reel-Logix Solutions goes far beyond what a classic reel manufacturer or local distributor does. The difference is driven by what our balance sheets look like as well as by our reel and spool expertise and attitude. Reel-Logix Solutions embraces innovation, efficiency, recycling and a maniacal focus on customer thrill and cost-saving solutions.


Reel-Logix is a renowned reel manufacturing company located in Houston and is ready for your reel requirement or reel recycling program.