Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to environmentally sustainable practices in all aspects of our business.

As a company that depends on wood and steel materials, we are conscious that the Planet is our biggest partner. We wish to make the right choices to protect the future. For Reel-Logix Solutions, this means designing and using the most environmentally friendly products and creating new ways to reduce waste. Our goal is not only to safeguard the environment but also to provide our customers with practical, cost-effective ways to recycle their reels.

Importantly, the wood reel industry is working hard to meet the challenges of wood reel recycling and disposal. The industry’s efforts are the result of a wide-eyed awareness of its customers’ environmental concerns, including the issues of landfill capacity and higher disposal costs.


Reel-Logix Solutions offers a comprehensive used reel management program that is a No-Cost program for most electric utilities, to recycle one-way wooden reels. The program is aimed to benefit the utility customer by providing a No Cost solution to the waste management, storage, and resource issues that empty wood reels present.

To clear your sites faster with less cost and effort simply call 713-369-3139 and schedule your pick-up (geographic distance restriction may apply). Within 24 – 72 hours, most Wire and Cable Manufactures wood reels and many non-named manufactured wood reels that are in good condition will be removed from your lot and recycled at no charge.


  • Reduces disposal and landfill charges
  • Eliminates transportation of empty reels
  • Eliminates time and labor of breaking down reels for disposal
  • Eliminates need for locating disposal sites
  • Eliminates the need to burn reels
  • Promotes lot cleanliness
  • Promotes local and national environmental goodwill
  • Cost avoidance reports are available upon request


  • Only reels with 24” diameter flanges or larger can be recycled
  • Specially designed reels may not be recyclable
  • Retrieval location must be within 500 miles of a recycling center
  • Have less than a full truckload of reels? Smaller quantities may be combined with other local pick-ups. Call for details.
  • All reels must remain assembled and be in good condition
  • Reel pick-up will occur 1 to 3 days from request

Green Reporting is available upon request with estimated disposal cost savings and trees saved (see a sample report).

Reel Recycling Pick-up Request

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