Our Company

Reel-Logix is a leading recycler and manufacturer of steel and wooden reels.


Reel-Logix Solutions (Reel-Logix) is a leading Manufacturer, Importer, and Recycler of steel and wooden reels with a tradition in excellence. We provide industrial reel product solutions to wire and cable customers and proudly serve Texas and surrounding state regions of the United States. A family business, Reel-Logix has been operating over 28 years with a focus on producing, importing, recycling, and repairing Steel and Wooden Reels, Reel Cradles, Crates, and Accessories. Our expertise in both domestic and import transportation also uniquely positions us for Turnkey Logistics and Reel Management Services, offering one-stop solutions to our clients.

Recognized for unparalleled quality, expertise, and exceptional customer service, Reel-Logix is an industry leader and a proud member in good standing of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association.

We Provide to the Customer:

  • Wire and Cable Manufacturer and distributor with 24/7 ready to ship reel and spool inventories
  • Single source for in-stock NEMA Class 1 wood reels and or custom sizes of Steel Reels, Nailed Wood Reels. Plywood, and Recycled reels
  • Single-source and availability for both Recyclable Steel and Wooden Reels
  • Recycling, Disposal, and closed-loop reel recycling programs available
  • Certification facility for export wood stamping “HTTP stamp“
  • A fleet of trucks with 53′ vans and drop deck flatbed trailers for in-house transportation ensuring greater control, greater customer service, and fewer transportation inefficiencies
  • Export lagging services, and crate building abilities using NAFTA spec’s and HTTP export Stamping
  • Helps to consolidate several vendors into one reliable source for all reels and services needed
  • Big enough to handle your needs, but small enough to respond on shorter lead times, and 24/7 work commitment when needed


Reel-Logix Solutions is a trusted leader in the wooden reel, steel reel, and packaging industry and a reliable company that has withstood the test of time. With a long history of expertise, Reel-Logix’s team has earned a reputation for exceptional products, innovation, cost-savings, and service at competitive prices. Through the years, we have had the pleasure of meeting the needs of a variety of different customers with reels and wire and cable packaging options tailor-made to fit unique and specific design requirements. With responsive and consistent value-added services, we are trusted and experienced industry leaders.

We believe in unparalleled quality, cost-savings solutions, and a commitment to over-deliver on a promise to each one of our valued customers, exceeding even the most challenging expectations. To you, it is peace of mind and security in knowing you have made the right choice in a high-quality reel and spool supplier you can rely on when you need it most. If anyone of our customers is not completely satisfied with a product or service, our management team will respond with a plan of action within 24 hours to correct the situation.

Exceptional Quality is an Uncompromising Value

As a team, we are performance-driven, with pride to serve our community and support our customers with all your reel, spool, and packaging needs. We are dedicated to the following practices:

  • Lean Manufacturing Principles
  • Quality checks on all incoming lumber and steel materials before accepting delivery
  • Random, daily audits to ensure adherence to internal/external specifications and tolerances
  • Quality Control checks during the manufacturing processes and a final Q.C. before for shipping

A Tradition Of Excellence

Reel-Logix Solutions has been delivering quality wood and steel products for over 28 years. We started a tradition of excellence and we are committed to offering a high-quality product that allows us to build on that tradition. As a team, we are performance-driven, full of pride, and pleased to serve our community – one customer at a time. From our family to yours, we look forward to helping you with all your reels and packaging needs. If anyone of our customers is not completely satisfied with a product or service, our management team will respond with a plan of action within 24 hours to correct the situation.


Reel-Logix is a renowned reel manufacturing company located in Houston and is ready for your reel requirement or reel recycling program.